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CLA-VAL – Direct Acting Pressure Reducing Valves LF

CLA VAL Direct Acting PRV

Cla-Val CRD-L Pressure Reducing Valve

Lead Free Certified NSF/ANSI 61| NSF/ANSI 372

( NSF certification letter from CLA-VAL)
( WQA certification letter from CLA-VAL)


The Cla-Val Model CRD-L Pressure Reducing Valve automatically reduces a higher inlet pressure to a steady lower downstream pressure with our unique design making it ideal for commercial high rise fire protections systems. This valve is an accurate regulator capable of holding downstream pressure to a predetermined amount, regardless of upstream pressure fluctuations. 

  • High rise buildings: Use CRD-L Pressure Reducing Valves in fire protection systems (as well as potable water, boiler feed air conditioning, etc.) to control pressure fluctuations between floors.
  • Industrial plants: Use CRD-L Pressure Reducing Valves between a high pressure supply system and equipment requiring lower pressure. Typically CRD-L Pressure Reducing Valves are used at supply connections for water heaters, boiler feed water or other process water systems, including fire protection systems.
  • Municipal water systems: Use CRD-L Pressure Reducing Valves at service connections in a high pressure distribution zone. Depending on flow requirements, CRD-L’s may be installed in parallel. One CRD-L provides desired outlet pressure while the second CRD-L handles low flow conditions. If necessary, additional CRD-L’s can be added for more flow capacity. The CRD-L is also ideal for a low flow bypass around a larger Cla-Val 90 Series Pressure Reducing Valve.

COMPARE VALVES:  JRG 1300 series is NOT NSF Certified Lead Free
JRG (JRGURED) NOT NSF CERTIFIEDCla-Val Direct Acting PRV Certified Lead Free






Benefits & Features


CLA-VAL – CRD-L Sizes & Pressures 
3/4 inch 15-65 psi | 25-100 psi | 80-150 psi
1 inch 15-65 psi | 25-100 psi | 80-150 psi
1 – 1/4 inches 5-60 psi | 25-100 psi | 75-160 psi
1 – 1/2 inches 5-60 psi | 25-100 psi | 75-160 psi
2 inch 18-50 psi | 30-95 psi | 75- 200 psi
2 – 1/2 inches 15-70 psi | 50-95 psi | 75-200 psi

 Downloadable Files

  • CRD-L Engineering Data Sheet
  • DOWNLOAD CLA-VAL Direct Acting PRV specifications   

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