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Cla-Val (Claval) Products

CLA-VAL Products

CLA-VAL is a world-leading manufacturer of automatic control valves.

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Available through Harper Haines Exclusive Factory Representatives, quality products with discounted pricing for Cla-Val Products of all types of water applications. Providing Cla-Val (Claval) Products in New York (NY) (including Long Island and Westchester) also Connecticut (CT) & Rhode Island (RI).

Our experienced Harper Haines Service Department is qualified to assists your water system requirements.. Cla-Val Factory Authorized Service Provider.  Our factory-trained technicians provide Cla-Val technical know-how, engineering design support, and product service maintenance throughout New York, New Jersey, Connecticut & New England.  You Call, We Roll.

Cla-Val products are backed by the best factory warranties - no matter from whom you purchased your valves.

Since 1936, Cla-Val has been a leader in the design and manufacture of automatic control valves. Cla-Val products are considered the best in class for reliability and innovation serving waterworks, fire protection, HVAC, commercial irrigation, aviation ground fueling, marine, and industrial customers throughout the world.

Waterworks ProductsCla-Val Innovation

Cla-Val's automatic control valves are specifically designed to meet the requirements of water utility systems, greatly improving supply and distribution system efficiency while helping to save water and reduce usage through pressure optimization, backed by the best warranty in the business.

Their valves have been tested and shown to be in compliance with industry lead content requirements and drinking water standards.  Please see Certification and Approvals for more information.

Cla-Val electronic control valves combine the efficiency of hydraulic control with advanced technology electronics to provide the optimum SCADA remote control solution.

Their retrofittable electronic accessories further enhance the functionality of your Automatic Control Valves, providing you with unparalleled control and superior performance.

Cla-Val electronic control valves combine the efficiency of hydraulic control with advanced technology electronics to provide the optimum SCADA remote control solution.


Cla-Val Pressure Management Valves -Pressure Optimization allows water distribution systems to operate at peak performance and is one of the most reliable ways to save water.  Cla-Val Advanced Hydraulic Pressure Management Valves use two downstream set points to achieve optimum system pressure.CLA-VAL Pressure Drop CalculatorCla-Val


Pressure is key; as not having enough pressure hampers the ability to deliver adequate flow for fire fighting. However, too much pressure leaves a system vulnerable to pipe breaks and background leakage.

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Cla-Val Factory Tour

We are pleased to take you on a virtual tour of the Cla-Val factory. Learn about the Cla-Val design and manufacturing capabilities, watch the Cla-Val foundry in action.

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Interested in a Cla-Val factory tour, contact Harper Haines-Haines Fluid Control at 203-693-3740.

Cla-Val Automatic Control Valves are specifically designed to meet the requirements of water utility systems and are preferred by operators, managers, and design engineers.

Cla Val Products & Services

Cla-Val ProductsSome of the products include:

  • Pressure Reducing Valves
  • Pressure Relief Valves
  • Tank Altitude / Level Control Valves
  • Pump Control Valves
  • Flow Control Valves
  • Solenoid Valves
  • Pressure Management Valves
  • Electronic Control Valves
  • Air Valves & Check Valves

Cla-Val Commercial Building Products

Pressure Relief ValvesHarper Haines brand term: Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), has been used for years to describe high reliability and low maintenance for the valves we represent. Our goal: to reduce customers' total cost of ownership, and to guarantee uninterrupted water supply. Customers can count Harper Haines to provide the correct Cla-Val Product in your system. Some of the applications include:Cla-Val Commercial Valves

  • Pressure Reducing Valves
  • Excess Pressure Safety Valves
  • Tank Fill Float Valves
  • Safety Solenoid Shut-Off Valves
  • Pressure Relief Valves
  • Chillwater / HVAC Control Valves
  • Pump Control Valves
  • Stormwater Control System Valves

Cla-Val Fire Suppression System Products

Cla-Val Fire Products

Cla-Val fire protection products provide highly accurate and reliable service in the most critical of applications. Known for dependability and superior performance, Cla-Val fire protection products can be found in nearly any type of facility on or off shore, including oil platforms, FPSOs, refineries, power plants, chemical storage facilities, mines, tunnels, aviation facilities, high-rise office and residential buildings, hospitals and historic landmarks.

  • Cla-Val Automatic Breach Control Valves are specifically designed for use in high-rise buildings to prevent catastrophic failure of fire system piping in the event of a line break.
  • Cla-Val’s hydraulic, pneumatic and electronic deluge valves are your best defense against fires at installations with highly flammable materials. 
  • Our fire pump pressure relief valves and pump suction control valves are the first choice when seeking optimal control in fire pump applications. 

Cla-Val fire products are UL and ULC listed and have Factory Mutual approval along with many other industry approvals and certifications. Our products are suitable for fresh water and seawater service, and are available in a wide range of materials, including exotic materials such as Nickel Aluminum Bronze, Super Duplex Stainless Steel and Titanium.  to see a tour of our foundries and manufacturing facility

No matter how challenging your requirements are, Cla-Val has the fire protection product you need to protect lives and property.

Cla-Val Fire PrCla-Val Fire Valvesoducts are used in commercial buildings, industrial and refinery applications and include:

  • Pressure Reducing Valves
  • Fire Reserve Make-Up Valves
  • Deluge Control Valves
  • Fire Pump Relief Valves
  • Fire Pump Suction Control Valves
  • Automatic Breach Control Valves


Cla-Val Industrial Application Products

Cla-Val Pinch ValvesPinch Valves, because of their simple yet effective design, Cla-Val Pinch Valves provide excellent flow control for hard-to-handle media such as slurries, sludges, and dry solids. The sleeve is the only valve part exposed to line fluid, significantly reducing the incidence mechanical component breakdown. 

Cla-Val Pinch Valves are available in a variety of configurations and sleeve materials to meet exacting operational requirements in industrial and wastewater applications.Cla-Val Industrial Valves



Other Industrial Valves include:

  • Pressure Control
  • Level Control
  • Duckbill Check Valves
  • Rubber Pinch Valves
  • High Performance Air Valves

CLA-VAL & Harper Harper-Haines Fluid Control - Partners for over 30 years and is also referred as, claval,  Clay Valve, claval, and Clayton Valve

To find out more, contact a Harper representative.
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