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Harper International Article: Strategic Choice

Harper International as with most companies today, engineering firms and system managers must to do more work with fewer people and fewer dollars – not only to be profitable, but to survive. This has forced a critical strategic decision on how to specify and buy fluid applications and critical components:

Choice One
Specify and buy applications and components from expert firms who carry “best-of-breed” products and who can provide support and advice for your requirements.

Choice Two
Specify and buy applications and components from a “one-stop” warehouse with extensive product lines, but where limited technical support and advice is available.

Given these new realities: why should these adaptive engineering firms rely on a Choice Two company with voluminous product-lines, which threatens to overtax their well intentioned staff?

We all face similar choices in many purchasing decisions in our lives, from hardware to home supplies, and most of us find ourselves in both camps: sometimes buying from the expert, and sometimes we shop the one-stop.

The one-stop experience can be misleading, and it won’t always yield the lowest cost of ownership over time. There is no guarantee that the pricing will be better from a “Choice Two” (one-stop) firm…only that individual pricing will be obscured in a larger package.

While you may make fewer calls and have “one stop shopping” with a Choice Two company, it’s unlikely that they could train enough sales staff – or hire enough experienced engineers – to be expert in 15-plus product lines. Their inside sales desk, while proficient at quoting, cannot equal a Choice One company. Why? Because a Choice One company, with a bullpen full of engineering experts, not only can specify and quote accurately — but they also understand the relationship between the application and equipment. That’s really the difference.

When it comes to fluid engineering, we believe that engineers and system managers need to be acutely aware of the inherent costs and implications of their choice – because it affects their long-term strategy, as well as their long-term viability.

  • INTEGRITY – The Truth, Always.
  • EXPERTISE – The Right Technology & Solutions
  • QUALITY – The Best Products, We Don’t Cut Corners
  • SERVICE – Uninterrupted Water Service, We Stand Behind Our Work

If you have any awareness of this company, it will be no surprise to you that we are a “Choice One” firm. For over 30 years we have been committed to incisive, authoritative answers, bullet-proof solutions, and world class products. We don’t believe that we can over-extend our lines, be all things to all engineering firms, and maintain this commitment.

Don’t be misled. A Choice One firm, like Harper, does not have to cost more. We are comparable to other organizations AND offer a full-support solutions. As your engineering staff becomes more nimble, consider relying on a firm who has increased their engineering staff to help you become more competitive in the new economy.

In an era of Wal-Mart, Home Depot and Costco, is our approach antiquated? We don’t think so. The highly-technical demands and long-term consequences of what we do go far beyond buying a load of two-by-fours or a five-pound bag of potato chips. The value that we add shows up in the results our customers get.

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