Application Driven Answers

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Before we sell you a single valve or any other product, we learn what problem you need to solve.

Sometimes it’s a simple problem with a simple solution. 

For example, you need a replacement  float control by 3 pm.  Solution: We confirm that the part is in our inventory and we deliver it on time.

But what if your problem is complex?

 Damaged pipe

 We’ll help prevent the slam from water hammer that can crumple pipes.
(Full story…)

  • As the engineer on a new highrise, you’re designing a fire suppression system that needs to work even if a pipe fails. We show you how breach valves solve your problem. (Full story…)
  • You’re worried about the risk of cross-contamination in your public water system, especially in the post-9/11 environment. We suggest adding FloodSafe to prevent inflow through the air valves in your pits. (Full story…)
  • You’ve lost all water service from the basement to the 14th floor. By phone we diagnose the problem, then we dispatch an emergency service team with the parts and expertise to fix it. (href=””>(Full story…)
  • Plug valves in your wastewater system are “freezing” due to accumulated grit from solids and debris. Instead of selling you outdated replacements, we recommend new plug valve technology that handles grit effectively.(Full story…)

Expertise and service

Yes, we supply the industry’s highest quality fluid control components.
The superior craftsmanship of our product line ensures that you’ll enjoy high reliability and low maintenance, giving you lowest total cost of ownership.

Systems approach to fluid control.
Our engineers and technicians understand how fluid systems work – and how they break down. We’ll help you specify a new fluid system or trouble-shoot problems in an existing system.

Here’s what you get from Harper’s highly trained staff:

  • Technical assistance: We help you specify your projects optimally.
  • Troubleshooting: We find solutions to your most troublesome problems.
  • Reliability: Proper design and quality components prevent downtime.
  • Money savings: Less maintenance means lower operating costs.
  • Peace of mind: We come through for you when emergencies strike.

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