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Harper International article ” Emergency Service”.  How our Crew Restores NYC High Rise Water Service in Record Time.

Headache at 2 Park Avenue

Emergency Service

One not-so-lovely afternoon in New York, the tenants of the 1-million sq. ft. high rise at 2 Park Avenue (photo at right) lost water service from the 14th floor on down.

Headache time.

Building engineers Tony Rubino and Neal Vander Teems immediately called Harper International to troubleshoot. Vander Teems recalls that Harper’s Tom Kuehnel was at his door in less than two hours with the necessary components.

A float valve on an intermediate house tank had failed, causing low pressure that disrupted water service. Kuehnel worked quickly to isolate the problem and got the water system functioning properly. By early evening, water flowed once more to 14 floors at 2 Park Avenue.

“Tom and all the guys at Harper are really knowledgeable about valves,” says Vander Teem. “Usually sales reps are just into sales, but Harper provides remarkable service, far above and beyond what is normal.”

Problems happen in all buildings. That’s why Harper backs up its sales with rapid-response emergency service by experts who really understand water systems in high rise buildings and other facilities.

Emergency Prevention

We also work closely with design, systems and plumbing engineers at the early stages of building design to carefully orchestrate the correct fluid valve selection, timing of product delivery, installation and maintenance.

All system requirements are taken into account. How many floors does the building have? What is its use? Residential? Retail? Commercial? Has it met all building and safety codes relating to pressure and velocity?

With a clear understanding of your objectives, we recommend the best valve configuration for the least maintenance and longest service life. We recommend redundancy or back-up systems, which are critical components for most high occupancy buildings. Harper specifies and provides systems capable of isolating failed valves, or high pressure valve systems. We also provide safety shut-off valves, preventing emergencies or crises before they occur.

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