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Water Hammer

Modulating Float Valves Prevent Water Hammer and Flooding in Suction Tanks

The on-off valve in your suction tank system may be putting your building at risk.

Most suction tanks do a fine job storing water to provide service at the right pressure during peak demand. However, the traditional configuration calls for a simple float valve to monitor the tank level. When a specified water level is reached, the valve automatically shuts on or off to fill or drain the tank.

So what’s the problem? The on-off valve creates dramatic changes in flow and pressure that may cause water hammer. The resulting force can damage your pipes and cause flooding.

water hammer

The solution? Replace your on-off valve with a modulating float valve, which opens or closes gradually and only as far as necessary to bring the tank to the desired level. (Click here for enlarged photo with labels.)

End of water hammer.

For added protection against flooding, the Cla-Val modulating float valve can be combined with an electronically actuated probe-set. If water rises above normal levels, the pilot sends an alarm to the building manager while it automatically protects your system from flooding.

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