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Water and Wastewater Systems
(Municipal, Commercial, Industrial, High-Rise)

Specialist of Valves, Pump Stations, Specialty Systems and Expert Service

Fred Haines

Harper Haines is a recognized leading provider of water and wastewater valves, entire pump stations and specialty systems such as vacuum priming and surge suppression applications.

As a Service Provider, we maintain a fleet of fully equipped service vans to provide expert, on-site, authorized Cla-Val Field Service throughout the region. Our unique partnership with leading manufacturers, enables us to connect our customers with world-class technology, and superior technical expertise.

We have decades of practical experience spanning municipal, commercial, and industrial systems. When customers call our office, we quickly meet their systems challenges head-on with application driven answers.

We invest to earn your business; we invest more to keep it.


Blacoh Surge Control

Never Go Negative... Only Quantified Provable Data Drives The Correct Equipment.

Blacoh Surge Control Systems Assists Operators in finding:

Leaks and Ruptures | Faulty Valve Actuators | Faulty Pumps |
Poor Pipeline Mgt Procedures | Electrical Failures

Harper Haines now representing Blacoh Surge Control.