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GF JRG Direct Acting PRV (Lead Free does not exist)

NEW!  CLA-VAL now provides a Lead Free equal!


CLA-VAL CRD-LIntroducing the New Lead Free Direct Acting Pressure Reducing Valve by CLA-VAL.  CLA-VAL now manufactures a Lead Free Equal almost identical to JRG internal image view below.  CLA-VAL has provided  the reliable and high quality JRG Pressure Reducing Valves for years. The Swiss Manufacturer’s JRG valve no longer complies with the United States Safe Water Drinking Act.  Valves containing high quality gun metal are used for drinking applications all over the world, except the lead free requirements of the U.S.  If offered JRG valves for drinking water applications in the U.S, we recommend contacting the Swiss Manufacturer Georg Fischer JRG AG directly, and request their documentation certifying the JRG as lead free under U.S. standards.

JRG Pressure Reducing Valves are not lead free for United States drinking water applications.

GF JRG – Direct Acting Pressure Reducing Valves contain Gunmetal  also known as Red Brass. Red brass can be considered both a brass and a bronze. It typically contains 85% copper, 5% tin, 5% – 10% lead, and 5% zinc. It is used to produce pipes, valves, and plumbing fixtures.




CLA-VAL – CRD-L Sizes & Pressures Now Available:
3/4 inch 15-65 psi | 25-100 psi | 80-150 psi
1 inch 15-65 psi | 25-100 psi | 80-150 psi
1 – 1/4 inches 5-60 psi | 25-100 psi | 75-160 psi
1 – 1/2 inches 5-60 psi | 25-100 psi | 75-160 psi
2 inch coming soon
2 – 1/2 inches coming soon

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DOWNLOAD CLA-VAL Direct Acting Pressure Reducing Valve Specifications Manual


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