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A selection of Harper International Articles was completed by “Valvologists” between 1974 and 2011. Below is a list of articles written on Valve Applications for Water, Wastewater, Booster Pumping Stations and Vacuum Priming Systems.

These articles are for customer/client information and reference. Have questions? Please contact a former owner of Harper International: Fred Haines at Harper Haines Fluid Control, Inc. 203.693.3740.

Topic title Link
Active Pressure Management Reduce Water Pressure to Save Water and Energy Without Compromising Fire Flow View Article
Breach Control Valves When Pipes Fail: Using Breach Control Valves to Reduce Flood Risk and Enhance Fire Suppression View Article
Cavitation Analysis The Cavitation Challenge View Article
Check Valve Application CRISPIN RF/SAR Check Valve vs Surgebuster® View Article
Control Valves The Downfeed Demon: Maximizing Pressure View Article
Electronic Pilots Remote Control Cuts Operating Costs 75% in Aquarion Valve Pits View Article
Emergency Service Service Failure View Article
Factory Built Pumping Stations Application Example of a Factory Built Pumping Station View Article
Fueling at JFK Airport Fred Haines worked with Cla-Val Fueling Specialist to support JFK. View Article
Float Valves Modulating Float Valves Prevent Water Hammer and Flooding in Suction Tanks View Article
Fire Valves Timing Is Everything in Fire Prevention View Article
Irrigation Project We’ll optimize your irrigation system View Article
Pump Stations Pump Stations Application View Article
Surge Problems Prevent a Train Wreck in Your Water System! View Article
Transient Surges Transient Surges in your Water System View Article
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