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SurgeBuster® from Val-Matic


Traditional cushion swing check valves that clog, weep and constantly slam are a common challenge in pumping applications with high head, surge tanks or multiple pumps. Reverse flow is the source of the problem, and the resulting increased headloss, turbulence and maintenance cause downtime and expense.

An innovative, self-cleaning, and virtually maintenance- free (and silent) valve from Val-Matic eliminates those problems. The Surgebuster® Swing-Flex Check Valve has only two moving parts and no internal components to get in the way. The precisely angled seat with a 35 degree disc stroke (less than half of a traditional weight and lever check valve) provides fast closure preventing slam and the resultant surge without obstructing flow or the need for maintenance. With innovative disc design and domed access port, the flow of sewage is able to prevent and self-flush any potential clogs.

We are excited to be offering the Val-Matic Surgebuster® Swing-Flex Check Valve to our customers. It guarantees to out perform any air cushion swing check valve with weight and lever, and it fully meets ANSI/AWWA C508. Contact us for more information about this time and money-saving valve.

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