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Timing Is Everything in Fire Prevention

Fire flow valves in waterworks systems are serious business, although most of them are rarely used. When the water company in Ansonia, Connecticut, called Harper about unreliable valves at the valve station, we quickly installed high-volume Cla-Vals to meet any potential fire need.

We worked closely with the station managers and engineers to select new valves and implement a rapid replacement plan. The installation required field modifications to make the system fully operational, which happily (and luckily) we opted to do on a Friday night rather than the following Monday morning. Timing is so important and delay can be very costly in many ways.

Ansonia Fire 2001

Photo by Peter DeMarco

Latex Foam, a local factory, went up in flames on Monday, May 15, 2001, causing one of the largest fires in the State's history. The massive demand for water would have strained the older valves. But with the new CLA-VAL valves, the Ansonia facility was not only able to supply approximately 18 hours of continuous water to fight, control the spread of, and overhaul the fire; it also continued to provide the distribution system with enough water to meet customer demands as well. At one point, the Cla-Vals were passing 15 million gallons per day (over 10,000 gallons per minute) flawlessly.

Jack Keefe, VP, Operations for Birmingham Utilities, commented, "The new valves operated beyond our expectations. With the enormous demand placed on the distribution system, the Company and the Fire Department were extremely impressed with the operation and ability of these new valves. The right choice was made to install Cla-Vals with Fred Haines,  Harper Haines Fluid Control, Inc."

Fred Haines of Harper adds, "It's critical that valves be inspected regularly by those knowledgeable about their purpose and function. The Ansonia facility had the foresight to do just that, and they saved the day when an enormous demand was put on the station during a critical emergency. We are happy to work with water companies to ensure the continued protection of life and property, whether it be replacing old valves or implementing an ongoing maintenance plan to guarantee reliability."

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