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Harper International (dissolved 2013) Article_6283: Service Failure

From Fire Security to Water Service Failure, We Solve Problems in High Rises, Hospitals and Campuses


 Lime Scale
Limescale reduces the efficiency of your building’s water system.

Water service disruption:  When the water system in a building high rise fails, you need to diagnose the problem fast and fix it even faster. Harper’s rapid-response emergency service will get your system flowing.  Pipe failure:  A materials defect or hairline fracture may go undetected in a pipe for years, only to be revealed when a surge condition places stress on your system. Breach control valves reduce flood risk and enhance fire suppression, even when pipes fail.  Limescale or debris reduces equipment efficiency: A surprising number of water system problems are actually water quality problems. Flushometers are sensitive to debris and boilers are impaired by limescale. We’ll help you discover whether proper water filtration is the solution to your equipment problems. Flooding from pipe damage: The on-off valve in your suction tank system may be causing water hammer, resulting in damage to pipes and consequent flooding. We’ll show you how a modulating float valve can avoid this problem.

Engineers and Building Owners Trust Harper

Rockefeller Center, New York, NYHarper’s projects have included the Kuala Lumpur City Center, Malaysia, Trump World Tower, World Financial Center, AOL/TimeWarner and Rockefeller Center (right). We work with design, systems and plumbing engineers at the early stages of building design to carefully orchestrate the correct fluid valve selection, timing of product delivery, installation and maintenance. Based on your needs, we recommend the best valve configuration for the least maintenance, and longest service life. To prevent emergencies before they occur, we also recommend redundancy or back-up systems.


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